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Teaching management

IBC now offers two programs – French and financial management.

The French program aims to develop students into advanced professionals with a solid foundation of French and a vast reservoir of French language, literature and culture. They are expected to be proficient in using French and capable of cross-cultural communication, demonstrate their humane attainments, and work in fields like translation, foreign affairs, foreign trade, education and management. IBC cooperates with universities from French-speaking countries to offer some core courses, and refers to A Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEF) while drafting the training scheme and courses of the French program. More than half of all courses are taught by native French teachers.

Oriented at international corporations and organizations, the financial management program aims to cultivate international interdisciplinary professionals for financial management who have a solid foundation of economic and management theories and a systematic command of theories and skills of financial management. They are expected to be proficient in English and able to use it as the working language. Therefore, IBC implements the “1+1+1+1” pattern of professional training, namely, the general education + the foundation subjects+ specialized subjects + practice. IBC trains students according to their academic results, interests and practical abilities, and highlights their achievements in foundation subjects, English proficiency and practice. Textbooks from abroad are imported for some foundation courses and core courses, which are taught in English only or bilingually. Students are divided into groups and supervised by their supervisors. IBC has established an off-campus internship base at the renowned accounting firm KMPG, thus providing students with a platform to improve their practice.