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Faculty Staff




WU Jianli - Dean

Female, Han Nationality, Professor

Born in May, 1964, at Shangqiu City, Henan Province.

Started her teaching career in July, 1985and joined CPC in December, 1997

Graduated with her MA in Comparative Education Studies from the school of education science, SCNU.

Graduated from the foreign language department, Henan Normal University in June, 1985 and kept teaching at the foreign language department, China University of Mines from July, 1985 to July, 1994;

Taught at the school of foreign studies, SCNU as a lecturer and subsequently an associate professor, and also the director of the college English program from August, 1994 to June, 2001;

Worked as an associate professor and also the dean for the foreign language department of Nanhai College, SCNU from July, 2001 to December, 2004;

Worked as an associate professor and also the vice president of Nanhai College, SCNU from December, 2004 to March, 2005;

Worked as member of the standing committee of CPCNanhai College, vice president of Nanhai College, associate professor and then full professor of Nanhai College, SCNU from March, 2005 to June, 2013;

Works as the Dean of IBC currently.



LI Xinqiang – Party Secretary

Male, Han Nationality, member of CPC

Born in February, 1972

Graduated from the foreign language department (currently the school of foreign studies) of SCNU in 1995 and started working with SCNU;

Worked at the foreign language department as student advisor from July, 1995 to September, 2000;

Worked at SCNU Committee of the Youth League from September, 2000 to July, 2007, being a member of its standing committee in the 27th, 28th and 29th SCNU Committees;

Job titles included Director of Department of student societies and practice, Director of Department of Academic Research, Supervisor for the Students Union, the Union of Student Societies and the SCNU Volunteers’ Association, Deputy League Secretary of SCNU;

Worked as the deputy party secretary at the school of foreign studies from August 2007 to May, 2013;

Works as the party secretary at the international business college (IBC) up until now.



CHAI Shaoming – Deputy Dean

Male, Han Nationality, member of CPC

PhD, Associate professor, Supervisor for Msc students, member of the 1st council of China Society for Language Education Research

He graduated from the school of foreign studies, Shanxi Normal University in July, 2003 and started teaching college English and English majors at the foreign language department of Nanhai College in August, 2003. Then he started his PhD studies at the school of information technology for education, SCNU, under the supervision of Prof. LI Kedong, a renowned expert in educational technology. Courses he taught included College English, Cross-cultural Communication, Computer-assisted Language learning (CALL), Business Statistics, Computer-assisted Education, and Media and Technology. His research interests include computer-assisted language learning, online education, computer-supported collaborative learning, learning studies and technology, and international orientation of education. He has published 15 academic papers in leading journals such as China Educational Technology, E-Education Research, and Open Education. His monograph “Computer-supported Collaborative learning for foreign languages” was published by the        Science Press. He presided over and participated in quite a few research programs of Guangdong Province or the ministry of education. In 2013, the list of research programs in humanities and social science, funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE), included his research program “A study of the dialogue mechanism that promotes collaborative knowledge construction in the online learning community”.



YUN Qiaoyun –Deputy Dean

Female, Han Nationality

Born in August, 1978, at Tianshui City, Gansu Province.

Professor, PhD in management, visiting scholar at MIT (USA)

Her Main research fields include collaborative innovation network and knowledge management.

Her majors ranged from economic information management (BS), to statistics (Msc) and then to management science and engineering (PhD). She worked with the school of information engineering of Anhui University of Finance from 2000 to 2009. After teaching at the department of information engineering and technology of Nanhai College between 2009 and 2012, she started her state-funded studies at MIT in 2012. At present, she is the Deputy Dean of IBC.



David Bel – Deputy Dean

Frenchman, PhD student at the University of Montreal (Canada), majoring in teaching French as a foreign language

David started working with Nanhai college of SCNU as a French professor (teaching French as a second foreign language) in 2005. Then he was appointed Head of the French program of Nanhai college in 2007 and promoted to Acting Deputy Dean and later Dean of the foreign language department of Nanhai college in 2008 and 2009 respectively. In 2013, David was appointed Deputy Dean of IBC for international affairs and strategic development.