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Financial Management


This program aims to cultivate advanced professionals for financial management who have a good command of leading theories and approaches, and are familiar with capital market and investment banking operations and also proficient in English. Graduates from this program have long been popular among employers. In four years, students are expected to systematically master the basic theoretical knowledge about economics, management, accounting and finance; they also need to get familiar with policies, laws and regulations about financial management in China and the international practices and criteria; they are supposed to handle financial accounting using relevant approaches and tools; they ought to have a strong capacity in verbal and written expression, interpersonal communication and solving problems in capital management. IBC implements the “1+1+1+1” pattern of professional training, namely, the general education + the foundation subjects+ specialized subjects + practice. IBC trains students according to their academic results, interests and practical abilities, and highlights their achievements in foundation subjects, English proficiency and practice.


The core courses this program offers consist of accounting principles, science of financial management, an introduction to finance, business English listening and speaking, intermediate financial accounting, financial marketing, business English writing, cost management accounting, Project Investment Appraisal, auditing, and financial statement analysis.




The French program was launched in 2007. It has been a member of Association chinoise des professeurs de fran?ais (ACPF) and one of the most active members of Agence Universitaire de la Franconphonie (AUF). This program aims to develop students into advanced professionals with a solid foundation of French and a vast reservoir of French language, literature and culture. They are expected to be proficient in using French and capable of cross-cultural communication, demonstrate their humane attainments, and work in fields like translation, foreign affairs, foreign trade, education and management. IBC cooperates with universities from French-speaking countries to offer some core courses, and refers to A Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEF) while drafting the training scheme and courses of the French program. The French program adopts the neurofunctional approach in language teaching, the founder of which, Prof. Claude Germain, is a visiting professor of IBC.

The French program offers courses in three modules. The first module includes courses of skills and expertise like Basic French, Advanced French, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, writing, interpreting and translation. The second module consists of courses of specialized knowledge and culture, such as French language, French literature, French culture, selected readings of French newspapers and periodicals, French-speaking countries and regions. The last is the business module involving courses like international business, corporate management, and international business laws, all taught by French-speaking foreign teachers, paving the way for students to further their studies abroad, attend a business program as exchange students, or work in international businesses after graduation.



Finance (Sino-UK joint program)


The finance program was officially approved in 2014 by the ministry of education as an undergraduate degree program. It is jointly offered by IBC of SCNU and the business school, the University of Aberdeen (UK), integrating the teaching resources from both parties into its curriculum. All courses are conducted in English only or bilingually. The core courses imported from Aberdeen amount to one third or above of all core courses, and the courses taught by Aberdeen teachers account for one third or above of all core courses, featuring the cultivation of international interdisciplinary professionals. All students of this program can choose to attend student exchange programs and study at Aberdeen according to their own learning ability and English proficiency. They can also apply for the degree of BA in Real Estate Finance from Aberdeen if they meet its degree conferment requirements.


The University of Aberdeen (UOA) was established in 1495. As one of five oldest universities in the UK, it enjoys an international reputation for its superior achievements in teaching and research. Five Nobel Laureates are associated with the University of Aberdeen In 2003, UOA was ranked 1st among ‘the Top Ten UK Universities for Getting a Job‘ by Times Higher Education. The UOA business school is one of its largest colleges, and has always been a leader in world finance, accounting and management.


This program aims to develop students into advanced interdisciplinary professionals, who are proficient in English and have intercultural backgrounds and global vision. They are expected to have a solid foundation of economics, management and law as well as the specialized knowledge, theories, skills and capability in finance. The graduates can analyze and make decisions about investment and financing in real estate and financial businesses, or work in the management.



The core courses this program offers consist of investment, financial marketing, principles of asset appraisal, financial management, insurance, corpora finance, international finance, empirical finance, real estate portfolio investment, international real estate, land and property economics, and real estate finance.