About IBC

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About IBC

International Business College (IBC) is a state-funded subordinate institution of South China Normal University (SCNU). It is located in the peaceful and tasteful Nanhai Campus. As an important platform and window for SCNU’s international cooperation in education , IBC currently offers three undergraduate programs, namely, Financial Management, French and ‘the Sino-UK Joint Program’ Finance. IBC has the top teaching staff with internationally oriented vision, more than one third of whom have ever studied or been trained abroad. It has also hired nine foreign experts and teachers. In contrast, IBC has approximately 400 undergraduates so far.


IBC has been on the track of enhancing international cooperation, and highly values its undergraduate programs, aiming to develop students into elites with global vision, social responsibility as well as knowledge and skills for business. Meanwhile, it has been growing rapidly in such aspects as curriculum development, teacher development and student exchange programs. On the one hand, IBC lays a firm foundation for students to study abroad by vigorously increasing the proportion of courses taught in English or French and strongly promoting teachers to teach in a foreign language. On the other hand, IBC has been creating conditions for students’ overseas studies. Up until now, it has been in partnership with more than ten universities from the UK, theUSandFrance, providing all IBC students with opportunities for cultural exchange and further studies abroad.


IBC is quipped with the lab for international curriculums, the international integrated lab, the digital language center, the lab for bilingual teaching and the self access center. IBC has also established an off-campus base for internship at the leading accounting firm KPMG, which has been approved and launched as a provincial off-campus internship base for institutions of higher education at Guangdong.